Connect With Poynt lets you send prospective merchants from your app to your cobranded Poynt Processing signup flow, automatically gain access to their details via API when they sign up, and receive them back to your own site after they finish Poynt signup .

0. Demo

Want to just try out the flow? Try signing up at!

Want to look at our sample code for Sellbot?

1. Create a Reseller Account

Create a Payfac reseller account by either

  1. Going to and going through the flow, or
  2. Viewing As or signing in as an existing reseller and creating a sub-reseller from there.

If you have a new account, please get in touch with [email protected] so we can turn on developer app uploads and the new Mission Control for you.

You’ll know if you did this step right if you can log into the reseller account and access Signup Profiles in Onboarding Tools:

2. Create a Cloud Application

A cloud application is required to automatically grant API permissions upon signup, and to set a redirect URL back to the reseller’s website.

Inside your developer portal, go to Development → Apps → Create App and create an app.